Holiday at the Farm in the Sellraintal

Enjoy a fantastic holiday close to nature at our lvely farmhouse. Experience the true country lifestyle during all of our seasons, learn all about Tyrolean Traditions and our focus on sustainability.

We are proud to have been awarded 3 flowers by the widely recognized association "Holidays on the Farm". This recognition guarantees that you can enjoy your holiday in a quality-checked accommodation with friendly hosts on a genuine working farm. 


Here at the lovely Hoisnhof in the Sellraintal we welcome all our guests with true Tyrolean hospitality, heartfelt dedication, and a high standard for quality.

All our guests can learn all about our everyday work, and if you want to, you can join in and help us with some honest farm work.

We have a lot of animals for you to meet, like cows, calves, cats, and rabbits. They always love to be stroked by our young guests. Our adventure farm is sure to excite all children and, from our experience, also the majority of our adult guests as well.

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